A word from the company president

23 Apr, 2020

Author: Engineer / Khaled Al-Khaled Al-Enazi - CEO

In the beginning, we thank very much for the pause of MODON and its encouragement to us as pioneers specialized in the field of designs and manufacture of innovations using 3D printing technology

 We want to harness the practical experiences we have gained in this field by working with various innovators and many factories as individuals and informing us of global experiences in several countries whose industrial cities have provided facilities to serve innovation

As we gained access to various international and local experiences, our desire is to provide solutions to these opportunities to participate in overcoming the challenges facing our local industry and one of the most important of these opportunities is what our factories possess of advanced production lines and manufacturing capabilities and one of the challenges is to access innovative products possible for those factories Production with sustainable innovation, according to market variables and with constant acceleration, and this is what is required by the importance and necessity of establishing a center as a specialized factory with professional expertise and techniques that attracts innovations and works to manufacture final models for them in favor of local factories first and then export those local innovations to suck Global aim to prevent them localize content and then export it.

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