A brief description of the Industrial Products Innovation Company

23 Apr, 2020

Author: 2invent Marketing

Industrial Product Innovation Company (2invent) is pleased to be the first manufacturer and specialized in building and developing innovative models for final or intermediate products with triple printing techniques directed to the industrial sector in the Kingdom

 Where it relied on building an integrated system that starts from verifying the idea of ​​product innovation to designing it through professional software specializing in 3D techniques to printing it as a living model with 3D printing techniques in its various categories

Wherein the Industrial Products Innovation Company (2invent) enables innovators and business development professionals from within the industrial sector as well as inventors and innovators to support them in designing their creations and products and building realistic professional models for them

With the change in the market, the use of 3D printing techniques has become better, cheaper and faster, especially with the multiplicity and diversity of consumer products, from packaging products and packaging products to final products or specialized products, whether those for the medical and health care sector or the maintenance sector, including spare parts that require a prototype or Final product, Industrial Product Innovation Company (2invent) will be the partner to implement innovation models with the possible 3D printing technology to manufacture these models locally

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