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Whether you need to bring your product concept to a reality or a prototype or production parts, 2invent can make them for you in as fast as a day.We are one-stop shop for high quality design and custom 3D printed parts.

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Industrial Product Innovation Company (2invent)- Building, design and manufacture of 3D models, is a Saudi innovative and developer of comprehensive 3D printing solutions.2invent uses innovative solutions and high quality materials to focus on providing precision of printing primarily to business professionals. Ultimately, 2invent empower its customers to transition towards a digital manufacturing process and to launch innovations that have the potential to forever change the faces of their industries. At the same time, thanks to their ease of use, financial availability and unique design, 2invent solutions on 3D printers are also chosen by Innovative individuals- prosumers and amateurs alike Whether you have a 3d model or stl file ready to go, or need help to realise your idea 2invent are here to guide you through the manufacturing process. Our engineers are happy to provide guidance or take on your project end to end. 2invent team love a challenge, and whether your requirement is large format, high detail, engineering grade or high volume, we will work with you to ensure your project is a success. 2invent offers its products through a network of many high ranked and specialized international Partners .


Vision of 2invent in Saudi Arabia is to lead the 3D products innovations , Design and 3D Prototyping industries while providing 3D printing Solutions to manufacturer and inventors by using new, innovative designs, technology and professionals. Our Commitment to serve our clients and investors will always be based on the highest level of respect and trust. Vision of 2invent in Saudi Arabia is to lead the 3D products innovations , Design and 3D Prototyping industries while providing 3D printing Solutions to manufacturer and inventors by using new, innovative designs, technology and professionals. Our Commitment to serve our clients and investors will always be based on the highest level of respect and trust.


Engr. Mansour Bin Fahad Al-Obaid

Cofounder, Supervisor of Business Development (2invent)

Engr. Khaled Al-Khaled Al-Enazi

Cofounder, CEO (2invent)

What is 3D Printing

3D Printing will disrupt all industries and all of the businesses, particularly those that rely heavily on blueprinting or prototyping, 3D printing relies heavily on creativity and skills and creativity of the designers who can take a product idea and translate it into something that can feasibly be brought to life.

3D printing is a subset of additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is where a part is made by adding material, whereas the subtractive manufacturing process is where a part is made by subtracting material. It refers to any process of printing a three-dimensional object. 3D printing is mainly a process of continuous addition and stacking raw materials under computer control. 3D printing is usually done by using a many types of digital technology material printer. It is often used to innovate and create model in the fields of new products , mould manufacturing and industrial design, then it is gradually being used for direct manufacture of some products, there have been parts printed with this technology. The technology is used in the jewelry, footwear, industrial design, construction, engineering and construction , automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, firearms and other fields.

Industrial Product Development

Product Design

2invent where design and manufacturing technology meet 2invent help you Deliver innovative new product designs and get to market faster with integrated design and manufacturing solutions from 3D Systems. Our concept design tools allow you to mix and match design approaches on any device . 2invet is extensively equipped with creative talent, experience, and technological know-how to provide top-notch and premium quality product 3D modeling services for clients from diverse industry or business verticals.

3D Printing as service

2invent is an industry-leading online 3D printing service. Whether you need initial prototypes or simple production parts, 2invent can make them for you in as fast as you require.2invent are your one-stop shop for high quality custom 3D printed parts at a low cost.

3D Scanning

2invent offers a comprehensive high accuracy 3D scanning service across a broad range of industry verticals, including heritage, museum, consumer, automotive, aerospace and others. even scanning of people. 3D scanning refers to the rapid capture of data in order to define complex shapes utilizing optical technology. The 3D scanner employs some type of optical projection, either laser or structured light, and one or more cameras. The cameras detect pixels along the projected stripes in order to triangulate data points along each stripe. 3D Scanning refers to a non-destructive and non-contact technology that captures the physical details (including shape and size) of an object with the use of a line of laser light. 3D scanners formulate what is known as ‘Point Clouds’ of data using the surface of the object. In short, the technology is a method to take details of the exact shape and size of a physical object into the virtual world as a digital 3D representation.

Revers Engineering

Reverse Engineering refers to the process of re-creating design drawings by taking measurements and/or scans of the part itself. Reverse engineering allows us to easily and quickly reproduce an object for which we do not have a 3D model. It can also be used to review the design of the object and to improve/adapt it.

Industrial Inventions

Through to 2invent, we support you in order to transform your invention / creative idea into a concrete reality, you can send your invention or idea to build a model through which you can present it to the target market, whether for your customer or for a scientific or investor and if you wish we have a special section to study the invention and the possibility of investing it and commercially presenting it For our factory partners.

Product Design

If you have a suitable invention for industrialization and you want those who support you to build a practical model for the invention, we are happy for you to be your partners in the launch of your invention.

Product Printing

If you have an idea of a product or an invention and would like to see this idea or invention realistic, we are happy to provide you with a triple printing service for the idea of the product or invention.

Commercial Representation

We have in our company an engineering and commercial team that specializes in adopting inventions that are valuable to society and suitable for mass production and present them to our company clients to build a sustainable relationship with the owner of the invention.


Online Printing

If you are a developer in a factory or have a ready-made product design and want to make a model using the 3D printing technology, send your design by filling the attached form. Our engineer will not contact you.

Product development consulting

Our company has established a team specializing in providing consultancy to rebuild and innovate products for factories. If you have a factory, production lines, or products and would like advice on creating good products, we are pleased to be your consulting partners in this.

Crowdfunding 3D printing Projects

Crowdfunding innovations to become a reality has become one of the pillars of growth and development of creativity and in this spirit our company works with local and international partners to adopt support for distinguished initiatives through local and global crowdfunding platforms.


2invent Talents

If you have experience or skill in programmatic design or 3D printing, you can join our company lighting program. We are glad that you are on the team working remotely, all you have to do is register your data with a brief CV and get rid of your work and the program manager will contact you .

2invent Factories

In terms of finding partnerships between creators and manufacturers, we are pleased that manufacturers have joined the membership of our company to obtain many advantages such as a special discount on product design and development, as well as your participation in the latest creative products before displaying them on the market and other services to add members.

International Partners


EVOLVED3-D Evolve3D is Malaysia-based 3D print company providing 3d printing, 3d design, product prototyping and scaled model building services. The company has more than 5 years in-depth experience in prototyping with 3d print, helping more than 100 Malaysia academia and industry clients in their projects.


xx SpeechWorkers Malaysia is a business and technology consultancy company linking Malaysia and south east Asia markets to middle east markets. SpeechWorkers has extensive knowledge and experience with Saudi Arabia and GCC markets which makes the company able to utilize the best solution from ASEAN region to Saudi Arabia market. SpeechWorkers focus on modern and up to date IT related technology, Fintech, drones, 3D printing, STEM education and digital economy.

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