(A subsidiary of PATACCO)

P.O. Box 15584 Hattiesburg, MS 39404 Fax : (601) 579-9936


Lightning Bug Enterprises was started in April, 2001... and was created mainly because of the overwhelming response and likeness to the American Flag Bald Eagle logo of PATACCO. At first, only a few company shirts were made. However, everywhere I went, people wanted to know where I got them... and, could I get them one. After a few weeks of this, I then decided to “share” this deign with the general public.

By using the same bald eagle, we then decided to make some shirts displaying the confederate flag. This by no means is intended to be “racist”... but gives “everyone” an equal chance to display these beautiful designs proudly. Items with these type designs are sold in ALL types of stores... including truck stops, gas stations, department stores, and souvenir shops. Please give us this same consideration.

Check back soon, as plans are being made to offer other great products that will also display these designs as well, including flags, car tags, (framed) color prints, and more.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED... on ALL Bald Eagle Flag Designs, Throughout PATACCO's Entire Website (including LBE pages)... as these Designs are U.S. Trademarks / U.S. Registered Trademarks of PATACCO. Any use of these Designs in any fashion is strictly prohibited... and therefore punishable by law.